College Project with Dropbox – Share and collaborate

It’s been almost five years since my first college project. We were a team of three people working hard to implement something that was our brain child, while others were looking out for Traditional ASP projects, we proposed our own idea. iCafe- internet cafe monitoring system.

When I was in engineering or completing my 1oth education internet cafe’s were a thing. Going in group playing games and downloading music writing them to Disks- USB drives were not even available at that time. Later came a time when the cafe’s were used for strange activities and always the cafe owner get’s into trouble– This is the back story.

The actual point I want to discuss here is how we managed to leverage Dropbox- in the process I earned a few MB free from Dropbox team- for managing the code base. We were not aware of any thing such as SVN nor git. We kept our own version-branch-folder of code base. Once the module is completed it can be combined in the main branch. Those days no version control features were available for dropbox as now. But we managed it.

I wrote this as a pointer for the young Computer Science graduates on how to make use of current free tech for your advantage- You can also check out an article from WunderList – currently acquired by Microsoft on how to be productive in your college


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