Ubuntu in Lenovo G500.

It took me few days to figure out how to install Ubuntu on my Lenovo machine. I went through a series of issues before actually installing Ubuntu and getting things into working mode.

1.    The boot issue.
The first issue was that after installing my first OS Windows 8.1 I was unable to move into UIEF boot menu. Even in trouble shooting mode I was unable to see UIEF menu. The reason was I disabled secure boot in BIOS in the first place prior to making the installation.
2.    The boot to BIOS issue.
My bad ? I didn’t read the manual completely. I had to power off the machine then press recovery key to boot into BIOS. Before I figure out that I wiped my HDD accidently via diskpart in recovery mode. Lesson learned – Read before wipe.
3.    The Wifi Driver\LCD Backlight issue.
After first boot from USB, the screen went blank. I tried different versions Ubuntu, Linux Mint but nothing happened. Little bit of Googling said modify the grub scripts etc. I didn’t fall for that.. After first install I connected my Laptop to my TV as PC. Boom I was able to perform installation. Later I figured out that I had to press backlight + button(F11+Fun) to increase brightness from zero. Then came Wifi issue. Ubuntu was unable to detect additional drivers. The fix was to USB Tether my android and then do a sudp apt-get update. Now wifi (Brodcom) drivers were listed and I was able to install it.
I write down these things here so that anyone who get stuck at some point can use this article to resolve the issue.


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu in Lenovo G500.

  1. I also tried installing ubuntu 11.10!! and as I startd the instalatn aftr rebootng my machine and rolling back the instalatn my screen went black for a lng tym!! I tried increasing the brightness but it did not work!!

  2. I think the issue is resolved with the latest release of Ubuntu.. Sorry for the late replay..


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