ADB for android in Linux My way

I have seen people asking you to copy all the files you want to execute from command line copy it into /usr/bin or /bin folder. Here I am sharing a simple way of making it happen.

I have read at howtogeek that users can have /bin folder at their home directory and can make commands run via that..

Here I am helping with android adb, get adb file and create a folder in /home/<<username>>/bin and paste it inside the folder place your adb file, change permission and change to executable file. chmod +x adb (use sudo if necessory) also create a file in bin folder paste this in it

sudo adb kill-server
sudo adb start-server
sudo adb shell busybox mount -o rw,remount /system

Now open terminal type adb shell(while your device connected) if you get an error “sorry read only system”

Type “adbstart” and hit enter, when asked enter password for your local machine.. Done you have adb installed/configured on your machine…


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