Why I am choosing Google Plus over Facebook

I am/was a great fan of facebook. The way they made us connect the information was available free to anyone who signs up. Information being information of friends about the blogs. I used it as a feed reader and to keep in touch with friends. With the new current treads its failing in both.


Asking a user to pay to make your post to reach people. Facebook is going in the wrong diraction. It may be fair to ask Page’s to pay but asking Users to pay for what they write. Its a kinda sitting on the shoulder and trying to chew the ear.

Facebook had innovations but now they are just becoming more and more intrusive. The personalized ads, tracking you even if you are logged out of facebook lots and lots of stuffs.

What I prefer using is to have two browser one for face-booking other for normal searches and site browsing.


Why google plus. I love their interface. They gave more control over who sees what and group hangouts lots and lots of stuffs for me the important was I can always choose what I wanna view.


Wanna see tech open the tech circles and read it. News under news circles. Facebook has no such facility whatever they have copied from google Plus was just disgusting. Now they have taken away the right to see what we want or what our friends want us to see . I think there are more nasty things to come from facebook. I have started moving to googlePlus. Very soon will be using it for only to keep in touch with friends.


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