>Hiding User accounts

>Go to Start/Run, and type:GPEDIT.MSCOpen the pathUser Config > Admin Templates > Control Paneldoubleclick "Hide specified Control Panel applets"put a dot in 'enabled', then click 'Show"click Add button,type "nusrmgt.cpl" into the add box


>how to measure computer performance

>One of the most overlooked IT disciplines is that of computer measurement and testing. How can you compare different parts of your IT infrastructure if you’re not using a sound testing methodology to ensure that you’re truly comparing apples to apples?That’s where an organisation like the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) enters the picture. In their … Continue reading >how to measure computer performance

>Speed up your internet by 20%

>Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes like Windows Updates and interrogating your PC etcYou can get it back:Click Start then Run and type "gpedit.msc" without quotes.This opens the group policy editor. Then go to:Local Computer Policythen Computer Configurationthen Administrative Templates then Network then QOS Packet Scheduler and then to Limit … Continue reading >Speed up your internet by 20%