>Tricky Question

>Imagine this...You are driving along in your car on a wild, stormy night, it's rainingheavily, when suddenly you pass by a bus stop, and yousee three people waiting for a bus:......1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.2. An old friend who once saved your life.3. The perfect partner you … Continue reading >Tricky Question


>Wanna Be Normal

>What I have learned~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I've learned - that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do isstalk them and hope they panic and give in.I've learned - that no matter how much I care, some people are just!@#$%^&*.I've learned - that it takes years to build up trust, and onlysuspicion, not proof, to destroy … Continue reading >Wanna Be Normal


>DORMITORY:When you rearrange the letters:DIRTY ROOM~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~PRESBYTERIAN:When you rearrange the letters:BEST IN PRAYER~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ASTRONOMER:When you rearrange the letters:MOON STARER~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~DESPERATION:When you rearrange the letters:A ROPE ENDS IT~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~THE EYES:When you rearrange the letters:THEY SEE~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~GEORGE BUSH:When you rearrange the letters:HE … Continue reading >GOOD NA